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Jan 17, 2008

Along the road to Peace

060810a_Image12.jpg, originally uploaded by beachblogger42.

Hmmm....this looks like it coulda been taken somewhere out here...except who'd have had a Peace sticker to put on there...?


  1. Hi! great blog!
    this sign was in northern Nevada or maybe Utah.
    I called this "How I spent my Summer Vacation".
    peace, peter

  2. It's good to see that Beachblogger leaves the beach once in awhile :) Man, we are lusting beach these days...true, unfettered Lust. Today it's 3 degrees, and if yu believe in wind chill, it's way below we continue to deny the reality of wind chill...too dang depressing :)
    We love your blog...and how you spent your summer vacation!!!Thanks BB!


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