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Mar 17, 2010

Peace in Odd Places

Peace, originally uploaded by OC Always.

Sometimes you find Peace in the oddest places...OC Always found this one in an abandoned Drive In's always in fashion !

Where's the weirdest place you ever found a Peace Sign?

Where's the most interesting place you ever put a Peace Sign?


Mar 16, 2010

Peace by RestlessTorment

IMG_0876, originally uploaded by restlesstorment.

Hey! We think this is a Minnestota license plate? We love that peace is being passed around the 10,000 Lakes of Senator Al Franken's state :) We wonder what Congress Gal Michelle Bachman thinks of this if she sees it tho...yikes!

So...maybe we should shoot for a Peace Car in Each of the 50 States! We have one from Ohio I know, here on the Minnestota...we think Minnesota...

Who's next? Add your Peace Car and the State it's from...we'll do that for a blog theme! Pass it on!


Mar 14, 2010

Daisy Peace!

, originally uploaded by hails <123.

Wow Says We! It's Daisy Peace!

Great photo first can feel the velvet of the leaves in the fade-into-blackness of it, and the depth makes you wanna touch the texture of it.

And then there's the Peace of it...subtle, wrapped in petals, frosted with pollen. A touch of spring on this the day when (at least lots of us) "lose an hour", or at least misplace it until we get used to the not having of it in the proper place.

In honor of Spring, and in honor of "Pi Day" 3.14 :)

Thanks for the flower and thanks for the peace!


Mar 12, 2010

Sharpie Peace

car, originally uploaded by ohioangurl.

So...say you're driving down some street in Ohio and you see a white care all covered with Peace and Love doodles...drawn in Black Sharpie! Would you smile? We would :)

Ohioangurl took this about six months ago we think, and the Peace of Art wasn't finished yet...but there were about 40 hours of work in it. it done yet?! We see Mario Mushrooms too...and dig the stars...but wonder How Many Peace Signs are on the final project?

Oh, the Peace you can spread with a Black Sharpie and a little imagination!

Send your Black Sharpie Peace pieces to the Flickr One Million Peace Signs photo pool!! How many are out there?!?! Different colored sharpie peace of course welcome too...

Pass it on!

Mar 11, 2010


PeAce, originally uploaded by Sam Andre.

It's Raining PEACE!

Love the the the rain.

Mar 9, 2010

Peace Wreath with VW

Peace, originally uploaded by OC Always.

Very nice find OC Always! Summer of Love VW bus with a Peace Wreath for a Spare...and what's with that monkey (?) hang-dangling from the mirror? If you squinch your eyes right, you can make his body be another peace sign, with the ^ of the windshield wiper sort of extending out...ok, yer right...I'm "stretching"...stretching for peace...and proud of it!

Looking at the Peace Pix here on the blog I see myself gravitating toward People Peace...this is a great reminder that you can stick Peace Signs all over the everywhere...could call this one "Driving Peace" or.... Areatha Peace (A-Wreatha Peace...get it?)

OKAY! Stretching...yeah...well...that'd be me. Passing Peace to Everyone Who Reads This and tossing a Peace Frisbee to OC Always for this quite groovy pic!

Mar 8, 2010


peace, originally uploaded by lullittoosleep.

We like peace...all kinds of peace...'specially peace that sneaks up out of a seeming nowhere and grabs you by the eyes or ears or heart. Thanks lullitoosleep! Where'd you take this?

There's some cool story here...what is it?

Option One: The lady with the hidden smile (see those grin lines?) knows that the pic is being taken, so she's peace-ing the pic taker. The guy in the cap is doing a full two-arm-hold-you-tight hug...and in my story he's unaware of the pic taker. He hasn't seen the lady in a long time...maybe he's never met her...a long-lost someone special one way or t'other. Smiling lady broght the pic taker along and the Peace Sign says "thanks for the's all good."

And they go out for coffee and bagels, (he gets sesame seed, extra cream cheese she gets cinn-raisin with at schmear, toasted) and talk and talk and talk.

That's mine. Yours?

Mar 7, 2010

Worth Repeating

Worth Repeating, originally uploaded by evelyndesigns.

Peace is way worth repeating...let's see, how did this work? evelyndesigns says she was inspired by the hat and scarf set from azhippiechick...looking on flickr, azhippiechick did the invite to evelyndesigns, to get this pic posted to the pool...I'm watching the chicken mango enchiladas I have cooking for the weboing gang, who are working overtime on something or another...figgered I'd tune into the OMPS blog...saw this little piece of peace and how could I not blog it!?!?

Worth repeating, to say the least :P Thank you to all who had a part in getting this li'l peacenik up on the blog and out in the world. May she inspire much peace, and get folks repeating it.

Chicken Mango Enchiladas anyone? They're extra spicy...gotta keep the gurus going until late!


Wet Peace

Wet Peace, originally uploaded by mtsofan.

We pass this peace on to all,
sitting in a room with orange on every wall.

Guess this one should go on which we're getting up there soon :)

White walls...may the house sell to someone who goes in there with a bucket of orange paint! Thanks for thinking of OMPS and adding this to the pool.

What I really wanna say is, what a nice parent to go fill up the car for the kid to go visit his friend! That is one heckuva deal :) Must be a good kid...he cleaned up.

Isn't it just way cool that when presented with a blank wall and a paintbrush and a bucket of paint, this kid decided to draw a Peace Sign!?!? I think it is. We smile at this Random Sign of Peace.

Where's the weirdest place you ever found a Random Sign of Peace?

Mar 6, 2010

Hair Peace Bed Peace

Day 60/365, originally uploaded by Miss Nicole ☮.

What a very cool piece of peace! Thanks Mis Nicole, for sharing this one. Please do drive carefully :)

Peace isn't always "black and white"... or is it?

There's a question for you! Is Peace black and white?


113-365, originally uploaded by drippingblossoms.

DrippingBlossoms of Peace...with a Mona Lisa Smile...and sunshine...there's sunshine there too, wherever "there" is...Where's There drippingblossoms?

We toss back a peace frisbee to you and yours. Our "there" is Wyoming...sunshine trying to (peacefully) melt away a layer of the ten inches of white stuff that (peacefully) fell in the last 24 (peaceful) hours.

Everyone toss someone a Peace Frisbee today! Soak it in sunshine if you have some around...Pass on some Peace today...invite someone to the blog...take a peace pic...pass it on. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


Mar 4, 2010

Random Peace

, originally uploaded by Caden's Randomosity.

We dig Caden's Randomosity :) Peace in neutral, in black and white, the "eyes" have it...Peace comes with black fingernails and hugs the curve of a brow...

Peace with a smile. There aren't a lot of Peace Pix that don't come with a smile...hmmm...howcomethatis?

Do you have a non-smiling Peace Photo? Add it to the pool if you's a different twist on the theme we all love...

Peace all...Passing it on...!

Mar 2, 2010

Baby Peace

, originally uploaded by hails <123.
"Peace Please!"

If every Little learned about Peace from this age on, it'd have to make a difference in the world :)

Teach Peace.

Pass it on, give a do YOU "teach peace"?


Mar 1, 2010

Support your local farmers

Support your local farmers, originally uploaded by robertspeg.

OK, so the light is bad, coming from the back...maybe there coulda been some cropping to manage the focus...not a lot of color...and the peace is perhaps understated.

We're blogging this Peace Pic anyway, to throw some peaceful support to local farmers! Not local to us...but local, organic, smiling folks who put food on someone's table, and spread peace in the doing of it!

Thanks to robertspeg for the pic, the peace, and the plea to support your local farmers. Only three weeks left of winter...that means Farmer's Market is almost here...ok, it's three months away, but it's getting closer! Have a salad for dinner. Hug a rabbit.Peace. Pass it on.

56/365- Some more peace...

We call this one "Green Peace" for obvious reasons...and that green does exist in nature...we get it in the early almost-days of pops up on the pond in little polka dots...bright enough to blind you it is, when the sun hits it right. It's downright Peace Full tho, gotta say that!

This piece of peace is from Brookelynnicole...sent to OMPS via flickr on the last day of Feb. Peace backatcha, with some extra. Pass it on!

Feb 28, 2010

Peace out girlfriends

Oh, we love this one still and yet and again. I'm hoping to inspire the Peace Bloggers as they've inspired me...c'mon Peace Bloggers! Spread it, share it, let's get Peace Posts out here to the People. Power to the Peaceful!

If there are new Peace Blogger Wannabes out there, shoot us an email and we'll set you up.

I sleep better after I've blogged some peace :) Nite All!

A Peace Triple

big peace 1
Originally uploaded by stripeymonkey
How many ways can you say "Peace"? We count four, including the smile :)

Back in the saddle we are, pushing peace. Inspired by the Peace Bloggers who keep blogging on, we're gonna go for at least one a day. It's awesome how peace keeps pic at a time.

Thanks Peace Bloggers, for keepin' on keepin' on!

Check out the OMPS widget up there on the right. If the Peace Gods are with us, you can click on "Add Widget" and add it to your own blogs and sites to keep the ol' peace pipe passing.

Thanks stripeymonkey for the groovy peace pics you added to the pool!
zoey et al

Jan 1, 2010

Peace for the New Year

I have been away from the world of blogging for a bit. I've changed the name of my personal blog and am going to be sharing some new things. Not sure if I'll keep up and post daily but I am hoping to share some of my new addictions (aka sweet tooth) to several art mediums new to me and my experience in the later part of 2009. I am still keeping my hands a bit muddy with clay projects but now I find myself washing paint brushes and picking up bits of fabric and thread off the floor. I've discovered that painting can be fun, messy, frustrating, challenging and quite satisfying. I've been messing about with painting on fabric and adding other mixed media. I have found mixed media collage to be fascinating and beautiful. I've been collecting a increasingly growing stack of books on this medium. See my Shelfari selections for some of the most recent books I've been reading and loving.
The two little pieces I've pictured here are my experiments with mixed media. They measure only 2 X 2 1/2" (not including the hangers). I began with a scrap of canvas and after some paint, magazine ephemera, rusty wire and beads . . . here's what I ended up with. Some tiny peace canvases.
I hope all of you can find time to satisfy your artistic sweet tooth. I am so fortunate to have a supportive partner who encourages me to have a go at whatever might artistic eye candy I might be drooling over. I hope this New Year brings peace and great art experiences and experimentation into your life.

Nov 10, 2009

Nov 4, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Jun 7, 2009

Peace, Grow & Be the Change

Can it really be June already??!!!  I have been busy creating and selling a new line of prayer flags. I hope you fellow peace-lovers and peace-makers have something wonderful planned for your summer.  Whether it is in your own garden or somewhere filled with excitement and beauty, may your find peace.

May 12, 2009

Great News!! OMPS is Networking!

One Million Peace is now on Twitter and Myspace!

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions! We are expanding so bare with us everyone! Keep the Peace rolling and send OMPS your questions, ideas, and concerns! We want to stay in touch with YOU!

Who are your favorite musicians, actors, writers, anyone! Who are your heros? Send your questions to I will personally ask your questions regarding Peace!

Let's start this Peace movement! We want your Photos! We now have 3, 339 photos from all over the world! Our goal is One Million!

Spread the word, Spread Peace!

Los Angeles, Ca

Apr 22, 2009

The Origin of the Peace Symbol

Under the heading of You Learn Something New Every Day, I just learned what the peace symbol stands for.

And no, I don’t mean that I just found out that the peace symbol stands for peace.

According to the peace sign was designed for the British campaign for nuclear disarmament. Members of anti-nuke group wanted to make badges to wear to their first protest.

The peace symbol shape was borrowed from the naval code of semaphore and the code letters “N” and “D” for “nuclear disarmament.” The letter N is two flags, arms down-stretched at a 45-degree angle. The letter D is two flags, one arm straight up and one down.

The peace symbol and I are sisters, in a way, since we both were born in 1958. Also born that year? Alec Baldwin, Ellen Degeneres and Kevin Bacon. We should have a party!

Since I turned 50 last year, I’m wondering if that explains the sudden resurgence of popularity of the peace sign. From earrings and purses to curtain and license plates, peace signs are found in almost every retail store in the United States. If only tinted granny glasses could have the same rebirth . . .

Back to the history lesson: The peace symbol began popping up in the U.S. in civil rights marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Not surprisingly, the killjoys of the world tried to turn it into something to gripe about. Fundamentalists tried to show that the peace symbol was linked to communism, was a satanic sign, and was actually a drawing of St. Peter being crucified upside down. The South African apartheid regime tried to ban the symbol. Supporters of American soldiers in Viet Nam called the peace symbol “the footprint of the great American chicken” and mocked its use by anti-war protesters.

Few symbols are as widely known and loved. The symbol was deliberately never copyrighted and can be used freely for any purpose. Despite the possibility of exploitation, the free use of the peace symbol is fitting as a symbol of freedom.

Mar 20, 2009

My Peace Sign Purse

When I was asked to contribute a blog to One Million Peace Signs, I thought it would be impossible. What could I say about a sign? I was busy and distracted and not organized enough to sit down and give it any thought, so some weeks passed. Some more weeks, some months.

In the meantime, I started to see peace signs everywhere I went. Earrings, notebooks, greeting cards, purses, t-shirts, even shoes are plastered with peace signs.

I was pretty thrilled. I've been a fan of peace signs since the first time around, in the '60s when I was young and my brother worked at Hill's Department Store in the Liberty Plaza in Youngstown, Ohio, and he brought me home from work a white t-shirt with a big blue peace sign and bubble letters, P E A C E. I wore it until it was a rag.

So as a boomer, I was glad to see the peace sign's comeback. Then my purse began to bring me all kinds of attention.

About a year ago my daughter and I were shopping at Third Street Stuff, a little shop in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, and I was eying a line of purses and bags made out of canvas material with green, yellow, orange and red peace signs. They're made by Bungalow 360 (according to the tag) and they're as cute as the dickens. After much debate - not over whether to buy one, but over which one to buy - I got the sage green with side pockets and short straps.

Immediately I began to get comments on it. I directed everyone to Third Street Stuff. Then I moved to Florida and started getting even more comments on my purse. It was a rare trip to the mall or Starbucks when I didn't have at least one person say, "I love your purse!"

The owner of a shop in Lake Worth, Fla., told me he tried to get peace sign purses and was told there is a two-year waiting list for them. Apparently the makers of peace sign purses can't keep up with the demand.

I love carrying this purse. For me, it's as good as an Obama bumper sticker for letting people know what's inside my head, what my politics are, and what my outlook is on life.

They say that nobody is actually for war; that we're all really in favor of peace. But who's carrying the peace sign purse?

Feb 21, 2009

Sometimes, Peace Just Happens

I Love This Photo. I could stare at it for a long time. I have ;)

Sometimes, Peace is Candid.

If a painter put this on canvas...Took the Time and Planning to envision and then sketch out the rough forms in charcoal or pencil, fill in the color, flesh out the detail, capture the energy and the glints in the eyes, create the Girl In White Shirt as the just-off-center focal point, add all the different angles and personalities...could it be as Oh My Wow as this spontaneous capture of Real Life Peace?
THIS is Peace. It's the flash in a pan version that you either get, or you walk on by.

THANK YOU for this amazing nudge...Sometimes, Peace Just Happens!!!

Feb 20, 2009

california 106

california 106, originally uploaded by michelle32720.

Get ready for a Peace Spew folks...
Where to start? First of all, michelle32720 is a Blog Follower...I had that in me 'ead, and then loaded yesterday I saw this pic...went to it...and oh my!

First off...someone took a red something and wrote No War on a rock...that's a sign of Peace. No doubt.

Sometimes, Peace is Hard.

From there the ol' zoeyNoggin took off tho...

Monterey...lots and lots of Monterey Memories! Lots of hours spent in outdated running garb and good shoes, traversing the running paths along the water...listening to "Run 1" and its sisters..."Run 2 - 8 or so"...on a walkman...on cassette...only 9 yrs ago but that's how much stuff has changed! We'd run...and run...I remember some good Paul Simon songs as we zig-zagged around the cement pylon thingees :)

We ran to the point there, where John Denver's ultra-light plane crashed...we put dandelions on the rocks there...tuned into Run 5, one side of All John Denver cuzza his crash...we cried a little...then ran our selves to the Curry escapes me...had a curry and Beer...cried a little....

So I see this Monterey Rock...No War...and I cry a little :)

Thanks michelle32720! Where the heck is Deland? Who are you? We appreciate the peace...much, much...and the Monterey Memories too...ah...

Feb 19, 2009

Peace Owl Saying Hello

Peace Owl Saying Hello, originally uploaded by rachellovespeace.

rachellovespeace is one of the Blog Followers...I decided I'd blog all the followers, 'cuz hey...they'll notice, and it'll make them smile!

Sometimes I like to think of the paths the photos took on their way to the OMPS pool...or imagine those paths...I got from the upload that The Peace Owl was painted by rachel on wood...acrylic....I missed the Peace Eyes until I looked closely! So...the Peace Owl got put on the wall and snapped...rachel says he wants to be Pass him on to somebody...send him all around with the blog...Hey peace owl...pass it on!

Thanks rachel! Peace....

One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!