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Jan 28, 2008


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Beachblogger sent this in:

Susan sent this pic from Poway.

Today was a VERY good day! Traffic was fairly light, but honks and other positives were many ... greatly increased by Ellen's "Honk for Peace" sign, and the fact that we had people on all four corners, (and "Chuck" honking, of course!) It was cool and windy, but NO RAIN during our rally.

We had 20 people ... and two were new.

I want to once again mention this excerpt from Barb's comments last week, about what people in the vehicles passing by are thinking. Forgetting the negative thoughts that might exist, maybe there are some thinking this as they read our signs, and especially when they see our large group in inclement weather:

"There are people out here who are thinking what I am thinking." That is enormously comforting to people. To see us here week after week after week, staunch and unmoving, has to multiply the comfort effect tenfold. They know we are not summer soldiers on this.

Love that thought.


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