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Jan 17, 2008

Haw's Law

Haw's Law, originally uploaded by naughton321.

2,420 days ago, on June 2, 2001 Brian Haw began his 24/7 Peace Protest. How long will he keep it up?

"I want to go back to my own kids and look them in the face again knowing that I've done all I can to try and save the children of Iraq and other countries who are dying because of my government's unjust, amoral, fear - and money - driven policies. These children and people of other countries are every bit as valuable and worthy of love as my precious wife and children."

We say: Brian Haw is a Living, Breathing Peace Sign. Take a break from the photos and go check out his website. It will amaze, and it will astound. We have a hero.

He's ticking people off. This news blurb is from today. We're off to sign the petition.

17 Jan 08: Deadline for responses to the government consultation on 'Managing protest around Parliament'. Please respond! This document poses a significant new threat to freedom of assembly across the UK. Tell the government you want the ban on authorised protest around Parliament (SOCPA) repealed and no new restrictions on rights to protest.

Thanks to naughton321 for introducing us to Brian Haw, and adding another beautiful face to the tapestry of Peace!

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