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Jan 29, 2008

Here's your sign! (Photo by DJ)

From DLTbluefrog "My message to all. I grossly under estimated the time, food coloring and to quote Arlo Guthrie..."implements of destruction" needed to do this job. It is approximately 120 Ft in circumference. I started out with a hand spray bottle....NOT! And it took a hell of a lot more food coloring than I thought I would need. It is between Exit 6-7 on RT 3 North in Nashua. Well anyway take my message to heart please! It was fun and cold... 25 degrees. Photo credit goes to DJ my 10 year old son. He kept asking me... "Isn't this illegal or somethin dad?" Question authority son..."

We are thrilled to add this Blue Peace to the the day...and that is a two finger v being sent out too folks....and we salute and bow to DLTbluefrog for teaching his boy to Question Authority in such a wonderful, beautiful, peace-ful way!!! Thanks guys!
Zoey et al

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