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Jan 18, 2008

Logo stickers from PEACE Scooter

Logo stickers, originally uploaded by Speak YOUR Peace.

Said stickers are how we found said stickers shall be how we introduce you to the rest of the One Million Peace Signs Peace People!

This is the sticker of Alix, who is the Peace Scooter, and who says it herself clearer than we could even we hadn't (between the four of us) consumed a lovely bottle of Beaulieu Vineyard 2001 red Zinfandel. It IS Friday...and weboing DOES have its traditions.

From Alix...who has sent and is sending LOTS of fantastic Peace Photos, all Blog-Friendly (that little box that flickr lets you check) so you'll be seeing most of them in the course of this project :)

"I attended a John Lennon exhibit in spring 2007. There, I saw a quote, "If a billion people were thinking about Peace, there would be Peace."
Now, this made a lot of sense to me. However, I realized it was a start. First, as individuals, we need to have inner Peace, and then share it with others. I decided to travel 11,000 miles on a scooter-my route around America created a Peace sign-and ask thousands of people....HOW DO YOU DEFINE PEACE?
The ultimate plan is to have one billion people define Peace. And then we will see what happens. My hunch is that we can't go wrong-a community one billion strong and consciously participating in making Peace. One billion seems like nothing once you know the Iraq War budget nears one trillion.

Please visit to Speak YOUR PEACE.

More from us:
That's what you get for go check out the would be totally and completely cool to link up any OMPS People with Alix when she sets out again this summer...

Clark just looked at the screen and said "What's that? PEACE Cheese?"

Methinks it's time to feed him. You see why we keep him in the Back Office...we're on our way to the SHAMROCK SALOON actually...

Stay tuned for way more PEACE Scooter!

zoey, lily, lo, clark

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