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Jan 19, 2008

Peace in Racine, WI

These photos are from Pete Selkowe, a retired newspaper editor. Check out more photos by clicking below. THANKS Pete! The first one is Pete's favorite, and the second is a shot of the Human Peace Sign in the making. WOW!
This is what Pete said: "...the entire rally was built around the idea of creating a peace sign -- with 200 citizens holding lighted candles forming the sign in the parking lot of a defunct fast-food drive-up restaurant, in Racine, WI last week. Unfortunately, there was no place high enough to stand to get a full picture (I tried the roof!), so most of mine are closeups of people and kids holding the candles.

This was all done as the idea of a 17-year-old high school kid upset because one of his friends was gunned down -- peace in an anti-violence sense, but also in an international sense. "

WE SAY: Your photos and this whole vigil, reminds us that Peace has to start right where we Wisconsin, or Wyoming, or wherever if we want to really spread it to the world! And wow...what a special kid...can you pass on our thanks to him? He's a great candidate for our Peace Heros page...

Below is from Pete's blog...the link is below. Do check it out! It's fantastic :)

The aim was to form a peace sign with hundreds of Racinians holding candles against the cold and the mindless violence that has gripped Racine. And although it would have taken a helicopter to truly appreciate the visual that resulted, they succeeded -- old and young, white and black, men and women, even a couple of County Board members -- coming together in a defunct fast-food restaurant's parking lot.For an hour or so, they made the point that all can work toward a common objective, peacefully. A simple message perhaps, but important to the high school students who organized the event, and to the kids and adults who helped realize it.Just a block away, as if to re-emphasize the need, four police cars, lights flashing, had a young woman in handcuffs for 15 minutes as they searched her car -- fruitlessly, it appeared -- and then released her without incident.

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