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Jan 31, 2008

PEACE SIGN from Rock2Rye

PEACE SIGN, originally uploaded by rock2rye.

Thursday...I am WAY WAY late on getting blog one up there, and feeling like a slacker for not hitting at least 14 is NOT for lack of pictures or lack of enthusiasm or lack of anything except TIME.
We at weboing are under a huge Real World deadline and all the forces of peace have been commissioned to attend this mandatory Crunch Cram time...please be patient with us!

You can keep adding all the photos you want...we WILL catch up!!!
See you you all...thanks to all! and Peace...PLEASE!!! Peace!!!!

This is Rye's nephew Kurt...Rye's our Language Guy...check out his discussions in the group and ADD Peace in YOUR language! Anyone know how to say Peace in Yanomamo?

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