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Jan 21, 2008

Peace to Circle, MT

Peace to Circle, MT, originally uploaded by Speak YOUR Peace.

From Alix: "For two days, the people in this small town, pop. 600, treated me like family. The scooter had broken down, random fluke, and miraculously there was a small engines mechanic in town-along with 2 restaurants, one hotel and a bunch of kind people. Here I am departing town, giving the Big Sky Country another go. "

Who's Alix? Check out for the full story. She's our Traveling Peace Hero...and no kidding, she does her travelling on a's a Wonderful Adventure and we're all kinda giddy about how this Peace Stuff makes the world seem so Friendly and downright cozy!

1 comment:

  1. hee hee. Roving Peace Ambassador. Can you guys take video? I could send you some clips when I hit the road in the spring. PeaceTV. Channel 2(fingers pointed). No itinerary yet- just start in D.C. end in Fargo,ND. Help me find a benefactor/sponsor and I'll do all 13,000 miles again. Did I just say that??Yikes.


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