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Jan 31, 2008

Visualize Peace - Day 28

Visualize Peace - Day 28, originally uploaded by staytunedradio.

we love what staytunedradio writes we're not saying anything else at all :)

Here it is from staytunedradio :
"I've done a couple of peace photos so far in this project. Tonight I noticed that I have a bunch of peace signs throughout my house. I knew they were there but tonight I guess I really noticed them more.

I've got a sticker on my front door window, another on my bathroom mirror, I've got numerous bookmarks and a small crystal cube. I've got the word "peace' in a frame on my wall. Heck, I even have a small cutout of Santa flashing the peace sign - he's set on top of a poster I have of Martin Luther King. I've got posters of my heroes on my office wall . . . MLK, Gandhi, John & Yoko and Jim Henson all share space in my home.

I guess I've given myself reminders galore - most I'm afraid to say, I ignore daily. I get caught in my everyday struggles and start judging others that don't see things the way I do. I sometimes see no peace at all in a world gone mad.

I hope in those times, like now, I recognize that peace is not a thing that "happens" to people. It's not something I can grab onto, I can't share it with my loved ones and I can't force it on my enemies. Peace is a force and a gentle stillness that lies within me. It is clarity in a cloudy sky. It is constant, steady, unwavering and true . . . and it is real.

It is mine - - always. I just need remember to see it."

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