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Feb 16, 2008

balance it

balance it, originally uploaded by purple_onion.

Oh....this one is cool! I had to look twice...So where'd you shoot this one Felicha? How many times did it fall off the...whatever it is it's balanced on? What street did you take it on? Was it warm out...sigh...I'm a little preoccupied with the weather...another 8 inches coming down before the sun shines...ha ha ha...the sun she don't shine these days 'round here...


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  1. Well two of my closest friends and I went to a duck pond in the middle of Long Beach, Ca, It was the sunniest and warmest day we've had out here in a couple weeks. The previous day was raining heavily. That's California Weather for you!

    So My friends and I decided to Sit on the conrete paths in the park. I layed down on my stomach looking right into my friends shoe. At that moment, some loose change and a sharpie pen fell out of my pocket.

    what better way to combine the two don't you think?

    I think from now on, i'll be writing peace signs on all my change.


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!