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Feb 2, 2008

Belated Peace Wishes are still Peace Wishes :)

peace_20509, originally uploaded by beachblogger42.

Beachblogger explains: "I made the Hollywood style IMPEACH sign this past summer and put it on a hill side over I8 near SDSU in San Diego. Someone took the IM and I rescued the PEACH; I noticed then that if the H was changed to E it would say PEACE. I made a new IM and hung the letters on my fence and draped a string of Christmas lights along the top of the fence. I'm not a Christian or religious but I like to decorate at this time of year. I think it's sad that the Christian religion has been taken over by right wing fundamentalists, they seem so filled with hate and anger. I made an E and rearranged the sign to say PEACE and took the pictures. I printed out the pictures and made holiday cards to send to my family and friends. The sign with the tortured prisoner on it is a comment on the hypocrisy of the current regime, who would their Jesus torture? I believe the First Amendment guarantees us freedom from religion and I imagine a world filled with peace free of fundamentalism and zealots."

We add: Tiny Em found this one that Beachblogger hadn't sent...he was holding out :) Well, we love it so here it is! And Beachblogger, you ARE our first Peace Hero, and the piece is almost ready for you to read...Real Life has crashed into our Peace Life but we're getting a grip on do stay tuned...I'll send it to you asap!!!
love, Zoey

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