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Feb 1, 2008

Christmas 1969

Christmas 1969, originally uploaded by Vermont Ferret.

It's Vermont Ferret as a little ferret :) A little ferret with a beard!

This is a very cool photo...and here's the story behind it, from the ferret's mouth :)

"In the winter of 1969 during my junior year at Davidson College I landed the role of Macduff in the school's production of Macbeth. The very next day I started to grow my first beard. It seemed to take forever to fill out, and the moustache was so blonde you couldn't see it. Enter Miss Clairol.

That Christmas I joined my sisters in Alexandria at the townhome we rented. I thought they'd all be horrified to see me with a beard, but they loved it. Ruthie (seen above on the right giving the "peace" sign) suggested that I dress up in a three-piece suit for this picture. I've got one of our dad's old pipes in my hand.

The girl on the left is Susie Wallace, a former classmate of Ruthie's from St. Agnes School. The lovely Susie and I dated some when I was in high school. It's not like she was my girlfriend, we'd just make out a lot.

The painting on the wall behind us is of our grandmother when she was in high school. The artist used this photo as a reference. My cousin Owen received the painting as a gift from our mom; it currently hangs in his Charleston home."

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  1. Susie Wallace was such a terrific kisser! Still is, probably.

    Choff aka Vermont Ferret


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