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Feb 23, 2008

Flea W

Flea W
Originally uploaded by rhaaga
How many revelations have been made in VW Bugs that quite possibly changed our future????

I love that someone still has their 'freak flag' flying-loud and proud!

George W. might have gone to the White House in a limo, but I propose he leave in this mobile. He needs some immersion therapy deep within the Peace culture.

So, if you look closely, you will see what caught my eye.
Lean in. Really, Lean in.

There is a sticker on the VW that says,
"Ever stop thinking, and forget to start again?"
Oh, must be time for sleeeeeeeeep. Ok, this Peace blogger has officially stopped thinking.

Que suenos con los angelitos......


  1. I don't see a Peace Scooter sticker on there and I leaned in REALLY close...
    What a great car...wonder if the heat burns your ankles while the top half of you freezes? I had a Bug like that...but it weren't nearly as purty :)


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