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Feb 29, 2008

Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance, originally uploaded by Perla*.

Well, I guess this time it is really happening: I am scheduled to embark this coming Thursday and since we are moving to a new home during this weekend I'll be gone for at least a little over a month and a half.
I'll try to come visit you all and see - and comment - on your work during this period of time but since I won't be using my own computer, I can't guarantee anything... I promise do my best, tough!
Cheers to all :-)


  1. thnaks! good luck. I love your pics! peace, peter

  2. Peace and bon voyage Perla! And good luck MOVING...YIKES! Head pats and virtual biscuits to the beasts (she's got 5 of 'em folks) and we'll send you Peace over the waters...the internet(s) are so cool that way :)

    See you later!
    zoey et al
    (Still ready to swap locales sometime....)


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