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Feb 14, 2008

Jalaja: Beauty, Peace, Connection, Sacred Feminine, Dance

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Egg tempera and embossed gold leaf on wood panel.

Jalaja is shown in front of the Black Forest scenery of her youth, a source of beauty, peace and connection for her. The red mandala around this central medallion radiates six images of the ancient Sumerian goddess Inana, symbol of the Sacred Feminine.

The number six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. It also has to do with enlightenment. The red color of the mandala indicates vitality and energy, divine love, and courage. Between the red mandala's six petals are six scenes representing the six words central to who Jalaja is.

Beauty is illustrated by Jalaja's favorite animals, tigers and her pet lovebird. Peace is the earth seen from the moon, a vision of the irrefutable oneness and interdependence of all life. Connection is two women -- one old and Jewish, one young and Palestinian -- doing a heart greeting. Dance shows Jalaja as a young temple dancer-in-training at an ancient Indian palace. Feminine is a peace circle of Jewish, Palestinian, and American women, led by Jalaja. And Sacred is Koln Cathedral bursting with light and people singing, a memorable image from one of Jalaja's dreams.

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