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Feb 10, 2008

Looking for the perfect gift for those who have everything?

Zoey leaves you this evening with some reading to go along with your photo-gazing. We've admired carf's photos since we started this...Gregory added this one to the OMPS group and even tho we're well past Christmas, it's never too late to start planning for next year! Thanks for joining the OMPS project Gregory--we look forward to passing on peace with you!
Gregory then explained:

Although our Christmas Certificates have ended for the year 2007, our Flickr Reaching for a Star Campaign carries on throughout the year, as does our Changemakers Campaign

We are specially in need of support at this moment to help us fight for justice in the terrible street kid killing case of our beloved Roney.
I am really grateful for all the support the Flickr community can offer.
- Gregory

Here's the blurb to start thinking about next year, and a little more explaination of the Gift Certificate. We think it's a great idea! Click on over to carf's page if I don't get all these links linking's all there :) It's an excellent alternative present to your family, friends and colleagues...WAY better than fruitcake!

from carf:
This certificate symbolizes that my Christmas gift to you this year is being given in the form of a cash contribution to the Children At Risk Foundation – CARF and Gregory Smith’s work with street children and other at-risk community children in Brazil, to help transform street kids into citizens and to prevent others like them from ending up on the more

As part of the Reaching for a Star Campaign, mobilized by Flickr member, Mylens (MarĂ­lia) and now in its second edition, we at CARF would like to offer members of the Flickr Community the possibility of making their Christmas gift double its face value for those on the receiving end. “Hit two birds with one stone” as the old saying goes... Firstly by giving a gift that motivates towards social consciousness in your family circle and among your friends, and secondly, by providing support to the many children attended by the Children At Risk Foundation – CARF.

Simply make your contribution by visiting the Reaching for a Star Gift Certificate Page
Choose the value of your Gift Certificate and then provide the name of the donor and recipient in the message space provided on the PayPal contribution form. We will then prepare your personalized Gift Certificate in a PDF document for quality printing on desktop printers or proofers and then e-mail it to you.
Guaranteed in time for Christmas!

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