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Feb 17, 2008

love and peace to you and yours

love and peace to you and yours, originally uploaded by arimoore.

from arimoore:
"Shira and I made this together for New Year's, sent it out to people. It was hand-drawn (she did the roots, I did the branches), then photocopied to make a Print Gocco master. Printed up a lot with the Gocco and then ran out and had to do an emailable version as well.

Happy New Year, peace and love."

from us:
We just "met" arimoore...who invited NINE people today....picking up the slack for 8 Peacers who don't get to invite. (this does NOT mean you...go invite someone!) We're looking forward to more arimooore Peace Art!!! And a public THANK YOU for those invites :)

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