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Feb 4, 2008

Me eM -----Peace & Pigtails!

Hey all!
This is Em! If you keep up with the Discussions, you have an idea of who she is...or, if you've asked for flickr help she was probably the one on the Peace Team who articulated the steps the best...or, she may have invited you to add your pix to OMPS, or maybe you've seen her dancing somewhere ! She does that too...when she's not Peacing..or doing homework...let's see, what else do we know about Em? She has FIVE sisters...four older and one younger...and her mom is proud of her for a lot of reasons...and she jumped on board the OMPS project with both feet and all of her talents and well, you can find her all over the project and we're mighty glad about that!

We have a couple other Em Peace Pix to stay tuned!

THANKS for everything Em!

zoey et al

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