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Feb 6, 2008

'ONE MILLION' Peace Signs

'ONE MILLION' Peace Signs
Originally uploaded by Hotash
Hello all, it's hotash, blogging away for peace
I didn't realize just how many ONE million is
It's a lot !!!!

So, we're out there inviting away, loving what you're bringing us and looking forward to more, more, more char-peace :)

Expect an increase in our blogging power now that we are blogging in Pacific & Mountain time!!!

Thanks for all of YOUR PEACE

hope to see you in the group One Million Peace Signs

In the meantime enjoy some of my favorites

1. twentynine/threesixtyfive "PEACE", 2. PEACE, 3. give, 4. War and Peace, 5. tranquility., 6. Peace..., 7. DENMARK ANTIWAR IRAQ, 8. Peace in the Vatican, 9. peace ..., 10. a little peace, 11. Colour and Peace, 12. Peace on Earth..., 13. peace

please visit for all the happenings

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