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Feb 17, 2008

MoveOn, Goddamnit

MoveOn, Goddamnit, originally uploaded by smack-dab.

Says smack-dab:

"The pic I submitted for MoveOn's photo portrait petition that is being sent to members of Congress expressing people's outrage that members of Congress would waste time and money officially condemning the 'General Betray Us' article, while letting this fucked up war continue. People are asked to submit portraits of themselves holding signs protesting this ridiculous act of censorship."

Says us:
We love MoveOn...even tho they haven't answered our note to them...yeah, we know...they get lots and lots and lots of email and all that...but with ONE LITTLE ANNOUNCEMENT about they could do SO MUCH...just one little note to their members (of which we are least) might move US on to the double digit photo anyone has an IN with MoveOn...mention our little project, 'k? Aw heck....if you're a MoveOn member mention it...maybe they need to hear it from more than the four of us in li'l ol' Wyo :)

And welcome to smakc-dab! Did we forget to say that? We want more :) We always want more....THANK YOU for this!

zoey et al


  1. I like this guy. I contacted him.
    That General Betray Us article created a big unnecessary stink. Wait, there was already a stink, it just got stinkier.

  2. Hey! TAG...You're it...did you get the Blog Author thingee? Go for it :)


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