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Feb 4, 2008

Peace and love

Who ARE you Second Life The Charlie's Angels group?!?!

Your photo stream is great...what does all this mean tho? Are we really so completely out of touch that we've missed entire cultural phases of the universe?

Well...whatever...we LIKE yer stuff!


  1. Oh my good I'm very happy to see my photo in this amazing page.
    This photo means our purpose in Second Life, meet people, talk with different cultures and give love and virtual hugs to everybody that we can. Really, I'm very happy to see our photo in here, it's a really pleasure!
    Charlie's Angels in Second Life.

  2. Ahhh sorry I forgot send you the blog adress, the page talks about Second Life of course and its in Spanish language.
    Bye from Spain!

  3. Oh My God! My good friend Laura with her Van of Love distributing Peace and Love for all Second Life!
    She fills all the virtual world with her happiness!

    Kisses and Pace for everybody


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!