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Feb 24, 2008

Peace now! Green Graffiti

I closed out the night with Peace graffiti, so I'll start the day with some!

Apparently, this was mowed into the hills at Herman Park, which google says is in Texas. Not sure if this is accurate, but Texas, home of the Prez, is a good place for it.

In fact, I can think of other good places to leave green graffiti. EVERY LAWN. Maybe I can help start that trend as I travel this summer. Maybe to earn cash for the Peace ride I can stop and mow lawns-with the condition that I get to leave a Peace sign.

Um, NOT JOKING. I'm gonna look into that!
We've got the first Peace hero, beachblogger-and as a tribute-I say yardblog!
Er, the pirate in me say YARdblog.


  1. Last year a huge green peace symbol appeared on the Capitol lawn click here for story. The day before quilts had been laid out to form a peace symbol and many people called it a miracle. But I was told that a small group, weeks earlier, working at night had spread fertilizer and that's how it was done.
    peace, peter

  2. Also, there is a recipe out there for a green moss-paint.. it causes moss to grow in the shape you paint it! I'll have to look into doing that.

    So glad my picture was chosen! <3

  3. I've heard, and never Googled (the new word for "researched") that putting some kind of Yoghurt Mixture on rocks makes Moss grow...anyone know?

    KEEP THIS IN MIND...ON ONE MILLION PEACE SIGNS WEBSITE we'll have THIS WEEK, a page called something like: "committing random acts of peace" where people can post the mini Peace Protests they come up with...stamping money, wearing a peace sign, flashing the sign in a photo, WHATEVER...

    MossBlogging would be perfect...someone look it up and be ready to add it, k? That'll be a random act of peace in and of itself!!!

  4. There is a recipe for it in Keri Smith's Guerrilla art kit.. Also, a great book if you haven't checked it out.


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!