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Feb 20, 2008

Peace Sign Cell Charms

Peace Sign Cell Charms, originally uploaded by CLKcreative.

Etsy Freethinkers suggests that all the Etsy folks should carry at least one item in their shop which promotes peace and that cool or what?

This morning I got a great little packet of Peace Stuff from beachblogger (more on that later)...Self-inking Peace Sign stamps for dollar bill passing and some great stickers...and I realized that even out here in the middle of nowhere (where we generally are wallowing in Peace) there are little things I can do, at least one a day, to promote peace...I mean besides this OMPS part-time job I've taken I'm gonna dig up my dollar bills and put just one little stamp on each one...anyway...a cool little Peace Suggestion from the Etsy Freethinkers. Thanks for sharing yours CLKreative!
pondering peace...

1 comment:

  1. On one out of the three days mail can come-your's came on the day that mine should arrive too!

    I figured, hey, at work, thousands of dollars cross through my hands.

    And they leave with some Peace!

    Enjoy! Gosh, I still need to send some stickers....


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