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Feb 16, 2008

Peace That Came Out of Nowhere

, originally uploaded by betmo.

OK Peacers...I was in a state of Overwhelm...I just started poking around on the internet(s) and sending an invite to fellow Peace People...(man, there are a lot out there, Doing warms the heart and frazzles the do we all join together...connect?) and I invited betmo, via Ben Steine (check out his OMPS pix!)...waded back in here to the pool and there was betmo all over the ever'where!!!! I was up to my ankles, past my knees, wallowing in betmo was there for the asking...and really boosted my spirits...I picked this one to blog because it warmed me, like I said, and ain't it the talk to your simple...THANKS betmo! And welcome!


  1. What an awesome quote and sign.

  2. i can't take credit for this one- i got it from a fellow blogger who no longer blogs. thanks for asking me aboard- sometimes taking a step back and refocusing energies is what i need to do- and there's a whole lotta negative out there to blog about. sometimes we need to have some positive to blog about too. i put your logo on my sidebar :)


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