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Feb 13, 2008


Peace., originally uploaded by purple_onion.

Purple onion , we love purple, we love onion, we love peace, and we totally love this photo. It's a Peace two-fer folks...besides the V finger Peace sign, note the peace sign circle in the upper left...sometimes you gotta dig a little but often you find peace lurking in corners...
Thanks for the Peace! And we pass it back to you :)
zoey et al

1 comment:

  1. Well this photo I took myself in my room. I was actually testing out my old speed flash I found and iwasn't expecting this picture to come out. I wasn't wearing any make up so instead of flashing a normal peace sign, I decided to cover my eyes. I sprayed the Peace sign on the back wall in the picture a while back because it reminded me of my moms old garage from the 60's. A bunch of her friends used to spray paint peace signs and song lyrics all over it.

    Purple is my favorite color and peace is my favorite symbol. So why not, right?

    I felt that if someone looked at this picture and didnt get the first feel of peace..if they looked harder...they would for sure get the second feeling.



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