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Feb 17, 2008


Peace, originally uploaded by IngallsIdyllGirl.

IngallsIdyllGirl says:
"Finally planted out this young Lambert Cherry tree today. Not a minute too soon either. I bought it for ten bucks as a baby tree, and it had a few years in the pot. Long enough to send roots out the holes and into the earth.
I cut the pot apart instead of yanking the roots through the holes, which meant the waste of a good pot and was really only slightly kinder to the tree, but otherwise I fear I might have had to wait for *gasp* help.
It is extraordinary how much the sight of this little tree in the new home pleases me. I planted a ring of tulip bulbs around the base. Used the last of my rich and mellow compost from last year. And now I smile every time I look in that direction. It took a long time to decide where to plant the tree, and then there was inertia to contend with..."

and I, I feel Peace-y just READING that!!! I can taste the cherries, see the tulips, and my toes are burrowing in the soft, warmed-by-sun compost. This reminds me that we have to PLANT PEACE if we want to GROW PEACE....purple onion is off inviting all kind of Peace Organizations to look at OMPS...that makes me feel Peace-y much to much getting done!

Thanks for this awesome pic has this look of an Indigenous People portrait...the colors, the pose, the Peace "mask"...and you look a little like a friend of mine from that you Cheryl?

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