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Feb 8, 2008 & grooviness & grooviness, originally uploaded by Tiny Dancer Em.

Says Tiny Dancer Em:
"please don't laugh - this is me at halloween when I was 7 - posted for one million peace signs project - scanned pic"

Says We:
We're not laughing...but we're giggling just a little 'cuz it's just so CUTE! And sincere! You started this Peace Thing way wonder you're so good at it :)

Don't trip on those beads!!!! Thanks for passing this one on Em!


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  2. no wonder you are so good at this 'em

    i'll have to dig up a shot of my parents at one of my last halloween parties. . . they came as hippies and mom passed out cute little cut out flowers with stickers and i felt loved. . .

    you go girl
    ps-every time i see the name 'em
    i smile
    a close friend (or two) call me 'em :)


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!