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Feb 2, 2008

Riffy sent me out for a wreath, she's going to be so happy when she sees this one in the shape of a Peace Sign

So here I was, going thru all the fab fotos that happened into OMPS today...I am wowed by the way, once again....I really try to send a THANK YOU to people who've joined, so I was doing that (and another wow by the way to Tiny Em, whose fingers must be like jelly from all the invites she sends out...she is AMAZING, and she has created an amazing crew of recruiters to help her too) and here I come across yet another Christmas Themed Peace Pic!! Surely this is not coincidence :) So here it is...are y'all thinkin' snowflakes and egg nog and reindeer yet :P
PEACE!!! Good will to ALL!

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