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Feb 5, 2008

V is for World Peace...

From paulinacha, Queen of Procrastination:
"I wished that I had a slinky black dress to wear my one of my favorite necklaces with, but all I have is this slinky nightie. Well, it's not even that slinky, but I love it!

The necklace came from my brother and his wife in Alaska.

I sure do miss our houseplants! They don't seem to grow well at this place in New Mexico at all. It's a question of light, I think, and maybe humidity or lack thereof."

From Us: THANKs and welcome! paulinacha may be a procrastinator, but she didn't waste a second inviting her contacts to OMPS :) There I was, out pumping for peace, and I came across her enthusiastic, energetic...we have another Peace Pusher folks!!!


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