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Feb 4, 2008

world peace

world peace, originally uploaded by xtsea.

from xtsea: ulu watu, indonesia

from us:
Good Morning Monday! And it's gonna be a good one think...turned on the coffee, flipped on XM Radio and "Imagine" was, for you purist purists, it was not John Lennon belting it out, but Jack Johnson, who, laugh at me or not, I have a little music crush on...ok, a sort of medium music crush...his voice makes me smile :) So, to have him there, singing the opening words of "Imagine" as the ol' computer boots up and the coffee beans are doing their thing in the corner...well, THAT is a good Monday Morning!

We're starting it off with Peace in Four Parts, from indonesia. And we send it on back to you boys, with Jack Johnson still singing...


first one in, last one to leave

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