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Feb 29, 2008

Zoey Gets Hate Mail but for a Good Cause

Well, here's the story. First time ever, (that'd be mostly the Me of Us out here at weboing) got some hate email. Y'all know I've been asking (ok begging) for Peace People to send in Peace Hero pieces for, I started asking on the flickr OMPS discussion group. John Lennon, no problem..I asked for 10 "whys", got 'em fast, put the lot of 'em up on the Peace Heros Page.
How 'bout Cindy Sheehan thought I? Put it up there, and there's some dissent....we're fine with helps me get clearer in my own convictions, by forcing me to problem.
So I dissent with the dissenters, firm up my own convictions (which were sorta cloudy when I posted the discussion...I figured all y'all would clarify CS as Peace Hero and I'd learn from that) and I'm waiting for some OMPS people to add to the discussion.
I get a minimum of 100 emails to every day....I read 'em all, I answer as many as I can...
Got my first NastyGram today. Ugh.

Certainly we don't have to all agree on ALL the Peace we don't all agree on favorite football teams or food faves or heck...political candidates. But the NastyGram sucked. I wished the guy peace and I didn't even cross my fingers when I typed it...

So that's my first blog of this the day of Leap Year and all that.

Vermont Ferret took this pic. Thanks for sending it! Folks, read this in your very best Vermont dialect :)
"Cindy Sheehan inside the big tent at Camp Casey. Behind her you can see the painted banner honoring her son and the camp's namesake, Casey Sheehan. To the left of the banner is an oversized, painted wooden casket with the names of the Americans who have died in Iraq inscribed on the side."


  1. Glad to contribute Cindy Sheehan's picture to your effort. She was then and remains to this day a 'Peace Hero' for me for her courage, resilience, and indefatigable devotion to ending the war in Iraq. She woke me out of my post-election 2004 funk and got me - and presumably millions of people around the world - mobilized again.

    Bring the troops HOME!

  2. you know what? cindy sheehan did more to get the peace movement in this country kickstarted than any other single person. she had the courage to stand up when no one else would- when the media was flooded with rightwing patriot families waving the flag and talking about how proud they were of their children. well, she has a right to be proud of her son- and angry that he got sent for a corrupt reason- and killed. cindy sheehan gave courage to the families who weren't listened to- to speak out and add their voices to the chorus of dissent. she gave the active military personnel the courage to stand up and stand out against the war that they are still fighting. the people who don't get that- have to resort to hate mail because they have no argument to make. they go on the personal attack because it's all they can do.


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