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Mar 1, 2008

365/ Day 31

365/ Day 31
Originally uploaded by charmednblum
All you need is Love....
and flickr toys!
Oh and imagination, because this just surpasses most hand puppetry that I've seen or committed!
Thanks to charmednblum for this brilliant shot.



  1. Very, very way to cool shot and Diddle With. Hey charmednblum, do a peace one too!

  2. Let’s imagine a world with not war
    Let’s imagine a world with no poor
    This utopia looks perfect but far
    From reality. This utopia is all lure

    This illusion of peace and harmony
    Feels like the place that we need today
    The idea of power has corrupted our thought
    Hatred is winning terrain expanding like a drop of water

    Upon falling on the field. This world is at the edge
    Of having a clash of civilizations, every word
    That comes out of those would want revenge
    Every word that comes out of religious fanatics

    Are only creating chaos. When the night is over
    Many people in this world won’t wake up in the morning
    Because they have lost the only valuable thing they have,
    They have lost their life. Then I say this utopia has to come true.

    We are our own sculptors, we are our own clay
    We did not create the clay, but we can shape it
    We are designers, if we can create things
    That were thought impossible, then we can
    Create a world with harmony and peace.
    Copyright (C) Eli de Leon


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