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Mar 26, 2008

tie die guitarist

tie die guitarist, originally uploaded by mtsofan.

"It's not just a style for him." says mtsofan :)

Well, we say, Peace'll never go out of style! Let's bring it back IN STYLE! For all...

We 'specialy love Peace that comes double...big on the shirt, smaller on the neckpiece...and the colors in this double-shot are yummy. O'course, any photo with a guitar in it racks up some points with us all in all, we've got some drool goin' for this one...

THANKS! And welcome! Stay tuned for more Peace coming your way...and pass it on!

Hey...somebody should think up a Peace Drinking Game...not that we're promoting drunken revelry...we actually have a few folks here who play Drinking Games with the gang and imbibe only in the softest of drinks...sans caffeine even! They have just as much fun as the rest...hmmm....actually, they may have more fun 'cuz they get to laugh at the rest AND wake up fresh and chipper the next day!

At any rate...Peace we Pass on to all :)
zoey et al

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