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Mar 5, 2008

Urban Messages

Urban Messages
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I pass this window sign every day on my way to the office. I always wonder, whose office is it? What goes on in there... is it an accountant with a particularly keen sense of global responsibility, or is it a grass-roots social revolution non-profit?

I shot this photo in July as part of the 7/7/07 project, another photo-based movement not unlike One Million Peace Signs. The idea then was for 7,777 people from around the globe to shoot seven photos and upload them to flickr, creating a vast mosaic of images and also fodder for a book that will be published to raise funds for unicef.

Ah, the power of the photo. It's endless. Maybe the owner of this sign will see my photo one day and tell me just kind of superhero s/he is, and I can join the social revolution in that office.

Or the accounting firm.

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