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Apr 3, 2008

2008 Postcard, front

2008 Postcard, front
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Many thanks to PJ Chmiel for his craftmanship and patience. I just ordered 2,000 of these cards to distribute all across our country; from border to border, coast to coast. To see the 2007 tour postcard, and leave your definition of Peace click here.

The seed of this trip has always been to discover how individuals and commmunities define, promote, and work towards Peace. The postcard is meant to invite the people I meet to join the dialogue, and to have them invite someone else by gifting them with the post card.

So, yes, its the gift that keeps giving, keeps circulating-because hopefully one card will get two people to the website. It will be interesting to watch where the cards wind up. If a person can’t think of anyone to send it to-well, they can send it to ME! Daphne kindly donated a P.O. Box. Now you can send me mail and she will help get it to me!

The address is:
P.O. Box 452

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