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Apr 7, 2008

April Peace Showers

Peace Umbrella, originally uploaded by i5prof.

Well this hit me just right today! I was reflecting on the fact that April is the month when you anxiously wait for the next big DUMP of snow/ wait, the ducks arrive, you think ithere's something coming down, nope, you wait, it dumps. And it's never quite as horrendous as the mess you anticipated...well, hardly ever. (And of course you MUST celebrate the precipitation in these drought years, so forget about whining to anybody who'll listen...)

A Peace 'brelly! An umbrella of Peace! A big ol' Peace cloud on a stick! Now THAT'S something to celebrate...let's buy the world a great big yellow umbrella and spraypaint peace signs on it...we can do it figuratively at least...I'm thinking it right now....

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