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Apr 11, 2008

Jim Ladds Tribe!

Jim Ladds Tribe!, originally uploaded by purple_onion.

purple onion just goes out and finds Peace People to talk to...then she gets them to pose for a photo...she talks to 'em about Peace...she gets radio djs to talk about peace AND OMPS...we don't know HOW she does it, but she does it! We think her secretary helps her, so thanks to him too :)

This is one she got at the Headsets Premiere in Los Angeles. (Fill in the blanks for us!!! Who's who? Are you on the other end of the camera or what? Chicken...)

Happy, Smiley, Peace Signs!

Thanks are totally passing it on!!!


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  1. These are KLOS tribe members who are dedicated and responsilbe for the "Theme of Consciousness" held every Friday night on Klos. They are a very diverse group of members who have been faithful classic rock listeners of KLOS and attend almost every signing and event Jim Ladd holds. They represent the freedom of Freefrom Rock radio and well....THEY ROCK!!

    They love One Million Peace Signs and I had this picture taken especially for the site!!



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