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Apr 13, 2008

Maria Menjivar (realtor) Century 21 My Real Estate

Maria Menjivar, originally uploaded by purple_onion.

When I asked Maria Menjivar, "What her outlook on Peace is...she replied, "Peace is very important because it's our kids future. As long as there is peace in this world, they will have a brighter future"

My mom and I are selling our home and she was our wonderful open house realtor for Sunday April 13th, 2008. She was very professional and enthusiastic about selling our property. And we are excited as well.

I told her about our One Million Peace Signs project and she just had to spread the word!!! She quickly wrote down the website information and will be emailing me more photos of her friends and family flashing us the two fingers!

Thank you so much Maria and Century 21 My Real Estate!


  1. Realtors For Peace!
    Hey, they'll get free advertising here if they do the peace sign by a house they're trying to sell. Great idea!

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One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!