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Apr 3, 2008

A message from Jim Ladd, 95.5 KLOS

From 95.5 KLOS, originally uploaded by purple_onion.

This is a Peace message from 95.5 KLOS, an AWSOME Southern California radio station that broadcasts only the greatest Classic Rock hits 24/7 365!

What makes this DJ Jim Ladd rock?

He is the last freeform rock DJ in America!!!!!!!!!

KLOS management gives Jim complete control over the stations content. He combines music with atmospheric sound samples and social commentary, often inviting listeners to participate on the air. Most of his music sets center around a theme or story-line.

He is also the inspiration for Tom Pettys "Last DJ" hit that was released in 2002.

He is an awsome and inspirational man with many words of wisdom and brings entertainment to millions of people!

His show airs Monday- Friday starting at 8pm on 95.5 Klos Los Angeles!




  1. I heard a plug for 1,000,000 Peace Signs on the radio the other night, ya in LA. Was this the station? Pretty nice placement, how'd you get it?

  2. Yes this was the station! Also check out


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!