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Apr 19, 2008

Peace to all

Peace to all, originally uploaded by Perla*.

I'm not a good storyteller but I'd love to share a story that my dad used to tell me when I was very young. It's a story about a wild fire in the woods ...

And the story goes more or less like this:


There was this wild fire spreading fast all over the forest and as it burned hot and hotter, all the animals were fleeing away, trying to save their own lives.

Suddenly, all the animals saw, in shock, a tiny little hummingbird that instead of fleeing away from the fire as they all were, was flying as fast as he could through the burning forest, all the way to the river.

The other animals still in shock noticed that once the hummingbird reached the river, he filled up his tiny little beak with as much water as he could and rushed back to the burning forest.

He poured out whatever water he had stored in his tiny little beak over the burning trees. Once he did that, he flew back, as fast as his little wings would take him, to the river, again into the burning forest, starting it all over again.

And again, and again.

That's when one of the shocked animals that were watching him risk his life for nothing, for a lost cause, instead of going away like they were all doing, and saving his own life, stopped him and asked:

- Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy??? What do you think you are doing????? Get out of here!!! Now!!! Or you are going to get killed by the fire!!! Flee for your life!!!

And the hummingbird said:

- I'm trying to put the fire out...

The shocked animal:

- Are you crazy??? Look at you! At your size! At your beak's size!!! There is no way you can put THAT fire out!!! You are going to die!!!!

The hummingbird:

- Well, at least I am trying... I'm doing my share. If everybody out there do the same, their part, their share, maybe, together, we will save the forest...

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