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Apr 10, 2008

Peace Walk For Burma: A Protest With A View

Colors! Peace! Great Info. Check out this photo sent in by mybluemuse, who has links on the photo, and says:

Read more about the march from the website:

"Led by Burmese monks and Buddhist clergy, including Jack Kornfield and other senior teachers.

We will walk in peace to support the democracy movement in Burma. We call on China to reflect the peaceful values of the Olympics by: immediately halting arms supplies to Burma demonstrating support for a comprehensive UN Security Council arms embargo on Burma."

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  1. Thank you!

    Please join us...

    Olympic Peace Walk


    To all our Friends:

    Please mark your calendar for a very special event on August 8th, 2008 (08/08/08) at 8:00 am. On this most auspicious day we are asking the world to unite for the continuation of the longest peace walk in history that began over 30 years ago. This journey of peace has covered over 58,000 miles worldwide (millions of miles collectively).

    At 8:00 am on August 8th, exactly 12 hours before the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in China, our journey continues. On this day, we ask that everyone around the world walk in the Spirit of Peace and for the love of one another. This harmonious unification of intention through our peaceful actions will create an inner feeling of oneness that we all can share. So please join with your family, friends, neighbors and community on this beautiful day to share our message of hope, love, joy, peace and harmony.

    The joining of several movements for an all-encompassing One World Peace Walk was borne by several of our Buddhist friends who have a vision of a peaceful existence for all of us. Given the current problems in the world, this event could not have come at a more opportune time. The world needs to join together in unity, in peace, without even uttering a word. For our actions will send a message and a shock wave throughout the world that is loud and clear!

    But the journey doesn't end there, because it's for a lifetime. A lifetime of peace that starts from within each of us. For we can only live a peaceful existence through our individual actions that resonates outwardly. There are several continuing walks slated for 2009 in the USA, Germany, Venezuela, and Japan, among others that will represent our perpetual, omnipotent symbol of peace.

    When we come together as ONE, we become stronger with each passing day. Let us walk, run or ride with the same intention for peace no matter where we are at that moment. For 364 days this moving peace symbol will expand as it reverberates around the globe, while bringing more light to September 21st, World Peace Day, when we rest and celebrate the largest single peace event of all time. Then in the morning on the opening day of all future Olympic Games, our Olympic Peace Walk will unite the world through a spectacular demonstration of peace that will rejuvenate our spirit, and strengthen our resolve as we continue forward.

    The Las Vegas portion of the worldwide Olympic Peace Walk will be led by highly-revered Vietnam Veteran Claude AnShin Thomas. AnShin is a truly remarkable man who has suffered through a lifetime of unbelievable anguish only to return from the depths of HELL to share his message of hope. Since the early 1990's, Claude AnShin has led several Pilgrimages for Nonviolence throughout the world covering thousands of miles.

    Claude AnShin will be giving a public talk the day before the event in Las Vegas. We are currently trying to have UNLV host the event. From this venue we are hoping that the world will not only listen to his message, but put it into practice everyday of their lives. His message is clear, violence is not a means to conflict resolution. For more information, please visit Our dream is to have His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and world-renowned, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh join Claude AnShin on this special day.

    Claude AnShin's journey of awakening is eloquently expressed in his remarkable book, AT HELL'S GATE: A Soldier's Journey from War to Peace. (ISBN: 1-59030-271-0) -- Shambhala Publications.

    "Written with relentless courage and utter compassion, this account of violence and transformation is one of the most amazing and wonderful stories I've ever read." --Michael Hear, author of Dispatches. "This is a book of great power. Thomas's story has the power to heal, to inspire, to teach." --John Laurence, former CBS News correspondent and author of The Cat from Hue: A Vietnam War Story.

    Claude AnShin Thomas went to Vietnam at the age of eighteen, where he received numerous awards and decorations, including twenty-seven Air Medals, a Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Purple Heart. Today he is a monk in the Soto Zen tradition and an active speaker and Zen teacher in the United States and Europe. He is also the founder of the Zaltho Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes peace and nonviolence.

    Claude AnShin also shared his deeply-moving story in The Gifts of Grief, a unique film about the possibility of another side of suffering, told through the personal and inspiring stories with people who have confronted remarkable losses and have found a way to transform their grief into a greater appreciation of life. This is an absolute must see movie for anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a loved one. For information on this DVD, please visit: For a short video commentary by Claude AnShin, please visit:

    Walking with Claude AnShin will be Harry "GoodWolf" Kindness. Kindness is also on a lifelong journey promoting peace, protection of sacred sites, and our environment. Kindness is a Native American from the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin who presently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a Pipe Carrier, Sun Dancer and a Spiritual Warrior for the betterment of all human beings around the world. You can learn more about Kindness through his book, WALK FOR JUSTICE: One man's sacrifice for another man's freedom. (ISBN: 1-886340-99-4)

    At the moment, Kindness is walking across the United States on a continuing journey led by Dennis Banks,, co-founder of AIM, the American Indian Movement. This journey of a lifetime began over 30 years ago with a simple message, One People... One Planet... ALL life is sacred! Save Mother Earth! Everything has a purpose, and everyone has a mission. YOU are important, it is time to make a difference! It all starts with YOU. Let your voice be heard! We are living as guests on the land of our great grandchildren as envisioned by Robert Cross. Please do your part to ensure that they too may enjoy our ever-changing world. We are ALL responsible for preserving OUR land.

    On February 11, 2008 hundreds of fearless warriors embarked on a 4400 mile walk from San Francisco that will cross America and culminate in Washington, D.C. on July 11, 2008. Our vision is to walk into D.C. with a contingency of thousands of our peaceful friends that will create tremendous momentum for the worldwide Olympic Peace Walk. On 08/08/08, our incredible group of peaceful warriors will reunite at various locations around the globe and walk in unity at 8:00 am. Then in 2009 and beyond, more and more separate movements will come together as ONE. Through this action, we will be able to galvanize our forces into ONE massive voice that cannot be ignored. To learn more about this walk, please visit the following websites: or email:

    Recent update: Long Walker joins "Walk for Burma" across the Golden Gate Bridge on April 9, 2008. Long Walkers embrace and join "Walk for Tibet" and the "Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers." On July 26th, Long Walkers will unite with "Walk for Tibet" in Madison, Wisconsin on their journey to Chicago that will conclude on 08/08/08. We will peacefully walk in solidarity with our Tibetan brothers and sisters who are crying out to the world for support. The Long Walkers hear you, for your cries are echoes from our ancestors. In 2009 we join forces with "Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers" to welcome them home from their three and a half year peaceful journey around the globe. May your ancestors rest in peace. To learn more about these walks, please visit: / /

    The Olympic Peace Walk in Las Vegas will attempt to replicate the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games with flags and individuals from all corners of the globe. Our hope is that by 2012, we will have dignitaries, celebrities, entertainers, marching bands, and tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters from all walks of life. Las Vegas would transform herself into a modern-day Woodstock for a "sixteen days of glory" celebration of Peace and Life. Can you imagine the possibilities?

    Las Vegas would be the ideal location since we have the hotel space, with more rooms being added every year. Generally, August is a slow month in Vegas, so we should be able to handle the capacity. Also, there are many campgrounds, and several arenas that would be able to accommodate a crowd of this magnitude.

    What better time than the Olympic Games to host such an event. If you look throughout history, the Olympic Games brings the greatest joy to all Mankind. It's during this time that the world comes together for a celebration of life and sport. This single greatest sporting event of all time brings happiness to all of us, as we have experienced throughout our lifetime.

    Safe Journey...

    - Las Vegas Olympic Peace Walk Organizing Committee (Information Center: 702-487-6868)

    Email: /

    - Wiebke KenShin Anderson, Zaltho Foundation (Direct: 978-369-4342 / Email:

    Inwards, Outwards, and Onwards...

    Trail Of Dreams World Peace Walk:

    Thank you so much "Long Walkers" for sending me your email video presentation. I want you to know that after reviewing your video, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers, who left home from Atlanta, GA nearly three years ago, and are currently in Morocco, North Africa, to walk around the world for peace, have decided that each day beginning on April 14th, we will walk in solidarity with the mission and efforts of the Longest Walk. We will be with you in the Spirit of Peace, and on July 11th we will be in Ghana, West Africa, where we will hold a peace ceremony at the Slave Dungeons of Elmina and Cape Coast for peace and reconciliation of all the spirits of our ancestors who were savagely stolen from Africa during the Atlantic Slave Trade.

    On August the 8th we will be beginning our preparations to cross the Atlantic for South America. Again, we will be with you in the Spirit of Peace. Just as you have said, all of us on this walk sold or gave away all of our possessions to embark on this journey of Spirit. So we walk each day in the knowing that Great Spirit has already taken care of all our needs. We will make a contribution to your efforts. Though it may be small, it comes with many prayers that all you need is already there for you. Please continue forward.

    We invite you to join us in NYC on January 21, 2009, when we return to the USA and invite the entire world to walk the final leg of the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk with us in what we call the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long: The walk will go from NYC to Atlanta, GA arriving in Atlanta on April 21, 2009. Join us as a peace partner and let us bring our walks together on this final leg.

    Peace Be With You and All of Our family on the trail to peace,

    Grandmothers Counsel the World

    Women Elders offer their vision for our planet

    We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth: the contamination of our air, waters, and soil; the atrocities of war; the global scourge of poverty; the threat of nuclear weapons and waste; the prevailing culture of materialism; the epidemics that threaten the health of the earth's peoples; the exploitation of indigenous medicines; and the destruction of indigenous ways of life.

    - Statement of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!