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Jan 4, 2009

Peace-filled Forest

Do you know that phrase . . . . "you can't see the forest for the trees?"  I don't think whoever coined that saying was in this particular forest.  When I came upon this picture, it made me long to a hike in our beautiful national forest here in Santa Fe.  It is so lovely and peaceful up there. Perhaps it is time to dust off my snowshoes!!

During this week, if you are feeling lost in the forest of life. Stop. Imagine some place that brings peace and joy to you. I like to spend time at home in front of our large living room windows watching the marvelous variety of birds that come to feed in my bird feeders. It brings such joy to me to watch them. Which reminds me . . . . I need bird seed!

Have a peace-filled and joyous week!


  1. I don't you Todd and you don't know me, but thank you for saving my day today. What you wrote and the lovely photo will help me get through the day and the night. Thank you for the wonderful blog. You have truly spread peace today.

  2. Love these Trees. Yes! Very peaceful!

  3. Hey Todd!
    Love it! Did you FIND this forest or did you have a hand in the Peace-ing of the trees? Awesome :)
    And I'm feeding the birds tomorrow!

  4. I had the help of some friends!! :) Hope your day feeding the birds was great! :)


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