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Jan 29, 2009

Peace, it's Peace at Fisherman's Wharf

P7011090, originally uploaded by Michelle's eye view.

So...there are some wowie zowie peace photos to pick from in the OMPS pool...this is one of 'em :)
I'm cruising up and down the OMPS aisle, stopping along the way, smiling, wondering which one to pick...I clicked on this one, and it took me to Michelle's Photos...her little icon thingee says "I love this world". Well dang it, thought I, so do I grabbed this pic and threw it in my basket and have trotted it out here to display for all the world on One Million Peace Signs.
Is that Michelle's hand peace-ing? Dunno. It could might not be...angle doesn't look quite right for it to be her hand, whaddya think?
Well, it's another Peace Sign, whoever's making it. Thanks Michelle, for Loving This World, and for adding your presence to the pool.
And with that...I go to watch Wall-E, because yes, I am that far behind in what goes on in This World.
PEACE! Good Dreams to all...

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