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Feb 15, 2009

The Factionist - Jay - Hunger 9

Seems obvious that we have to work on other things besides Peace, if we are really going to ever be able to Have Peace...Hungry people aren't thinking about peace, they're thinking about how to stop being to find some food. How foreign that most of us, it's not a question of "can I eat today", it's just "what will I eat today, and when?" I'm gonna keep my eye on The Factionist website...yeah, I'll get a Tshirt too :) I figure out what to make for dinner tonite, this photo just jumped out of the pool at me...check out The Factionist website for yourself!

And if you can it! Spread the word and Pass the Peace and let's all get out of ourselves for a while in this coming week.

thanks for this fab photo and sobering thought!

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  1. Hey, thanks! Please do check out our site,


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