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Feb 14, 2009

for susan

for susan, originally uploaded by danisoul.

Who's Susan?
We dunno...but Happy Valentine's Day Susan!

So here's another "Peace in Five Crayons or Less" photo...methinks that'll be the St. Valentine's Day theme for Zoey this year.

Other bloggers need not be bashful or beholden to the Five Crayons or Less theme...Peace comes in multi-colors of course!

Questions...I have questions...where is this? Is it chalk or paint? If I walked by where, would I see it today? And of course...who's susan?



  1. hi! danisoul here. i love your questions. i did this for my friend susan on the day her father passed away. it was done on a sea wall, on bainbridge island, washington, with a coral-colored rock i found on the beach.

    thank you so much for honoring this today, a day of the heart :-) xo


  2. This is an awesome photo, thankx for sharing, and for making this photo forever here on OMPS blog.


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