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Feb 19, 2009

Peace Owl Saying Hello

Peace Owl Saying Hello, originally uploaded by rachellovespeace.

rachellovespeace is one of the Blog Followers...I decided I'd blog all the followers, 'cuz hey...they'll notice, and it'll make them smile!

Sometimes I like to think of the paths the photos took on their way to the OMPS pool...or imagine those paths...I got from the upload that The Peace Owl was painted by rachel on wood...acrylic....I missed the Peace Eyes until I looked closely! So...the Peace Owl got put on the wall and snapped...rachel says he wants to be Pass him on to somebody...send him all around with the blog...Hey peace owl...pass it on!

Thanks rachel! Peace....


  1. aww you did make me smile :)
    Peace! <3

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