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Mar 20, 2009

My Peace Sign Purse

When I was asked to contribute a blog to One Million Peace Signs, I thought it would be impossible. What could I say about a sign? I was busy and distracted and not organized enough to sit down and give it any thought, so some weeks passed. Some more weeks, some months.

In the meantime, I started to see peace signs everywhere I went. Earrings, notebooks, greeting cards, purses, t-shirts, even shoes are plastered with peace signs.

I was pretty thrilled. I've been a fan of peace signs since the first time around, in the '60s when I was young and my brother worked at Hill's Department Store in the Liberty Plaza in Youngstown, Ohio, and he brought me home from work a white t-shirt with a big blue peace sign and bubble letters, P E A C E. I wore it until it was a rag.

So as a boomer, I was glad to see the peace sign's comeback. Then my purse began to bring me all kinds of attention.

About a year ago my daughter and I were shopping at Third Street Stuff, a little shop in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, and I was eying a line of purses and bags made out of canvas material with green, yellow, orange and red peace signs. They're made by Bungalow 360 (according to the tag) and they're as cute as the dickens. After much debate - not over whether to buy one, but over which one to buy - I got the sage green with side pockets and short straps.

Immediately I began to get comments on it. I directed everyone to Third Street Stuff. Then I moved to Florida and started getting even more comments on my purse. It was a rare trip to the mall or Starbucks when I didn't have at least one person say, "I love your purse!"

The owner of a shop in Lake Worth, Fla., told me he tried to get peace sign purses and was told there is a two-year waiting list for them. Apparently the makers of peace sign purses can't keep up with the demand.

I love carrying this purse. For me, it's as good as an Obama bumper sticker for letting people know what's inside my head, what my politics are, and what my outlook is on life.

They say that nobody is actually for war; that we're all really in favor of peace. But who's carrying the peace sign purse?


  1. thank you for all you stand for. love your blog!

  2. How very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

  3. Great story! Great purse. Yeah, you knew that already :) This blog was a great treat to find on a cold and rainy and ugly Saturday. thank you for it!

  4. i really really love peace signs everything i have has peace signs sept for one sweat shirt i was a hippy for halloween that's how crazy i am about peace signs i just love them! oh and by the way i loved loved your purse oh just to tell you my is;olivia

    from; olivia

    peace out

  5. PEACEOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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