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May 12, 2009

Great News!! OMPS is Networking!

One Million Peace is now on Twitter and Myspace!

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions! We are expanding so bare with us everyone! Keep the Peace rolling and send OMPS your questions, ideas, and concerns! We want to stay in touch with YOU!

Who are your favorite musicians, actors, writers, anyone! Who are your heros? Send your questions to I will personally ask your questions regarding Peace!

Let's start this Peace movement! We want your Photos! We now have 3, 339 photos from all over the world! Our goal is One Million!

Spread the word, Spread Peace!

Los Angeles, Ca

1 comment:

  1. Peace had a chance, Nukes should have been used in Nam, Korea, they would have got the point not to screw with us. Sadam Should have the same prescription for his disease in Desert storm the trade center would still be there. Pot head clinton could have toasted osama now we have osama and obama trying to destroy us. So bend over and take your peace sign where the sun don't shine.


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