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Mar 16, 2010

Peace by RestlessTorment

IMG_0876, originally uploaded by restlesstorment.

Hey! We think this is a Minnestota license plate? We love that peace is being passed around the 10,000 Lakes of Senator Al Franken's state :) We wonder what Congress Gal Michelle Bachman thinks of this if she sees it tho...yikes!

So...maybe we should shoot for a Peace Car in Each of the 50 States! We have one from Ohio I know, here on the Minnestota...we think Minnesota...

Who's next? Add your Peace Car and the State it's from...we'll do that for a blog theme! Pass it on!



  1. Back again. Love the site. I'll get some peace signs to you from the sunshine state. Love the way the widget gets added to every day.

  2. really good thinking.....very nice blog. I have also have some peace signs with me like this....the way of peace is really excellent...


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